About the competence centre

Up to now, there has been a lack of comprehensive and thorough evaluation of financial education programmes.
As a result, there is little reliable knowledge about which programmes are effective and why.

With the goal to improve this situation, we founded a competence centre for research and evaluation of financial literacy in the year 2023. Our team of five researchers takes an interdisciplinary approach that combines different professional perspectives, areas of application and target group needs. Within the research group, we have comprehensive technical and methodological expertise in the disciplines of education, economics, political science, psychology and mathematics.

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Teacher in class with student

Evaluating the school pilot program for economic education

To enhance economic and financial literacy, the Austrian foundation for economic education (Stiftung für Wirtschaftsbildung) has initiated a four-year school pilot program aimed at assisting selected schools in integrating a focus on economic education in their curriculum.

Kindergarten with kids

Evaluating the “Geldwert – Wertvoll” educational program in kindergartens

In September 2023, the one-year pilot project “Geldwert – Wertvoll“ was launched at public Lower Austrian kindergartens (district of Bruck an der Leitha). The project is a collaboration between the OeNB, the regional government of Lower Austria and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.


Studying the perceptions and needs of active and prospective teachers

A qualitative Study using focus groups in order to investigate the needs and support requirements of teachers and prospective teachers of “Geography and Economic Education”


Making sense of financial vulnerability: between sensitivity, resilience and exposure

A Study on the conceptual components of financial vulnerability